The Foot Nook Treatments

Routine Foot Care

General maintenance of foot health and comfort, and for those wanting to improve the appearance of their feet

This service includes a foot check and to treat any foot health related concerns including:

  • Nail cutting
  • Hard skin
  • Calluses
  • Cracked heels
  • Corns
  • Thickened/damaged nails
  • Ingrown nails
  • Athlete’s foot
  • Diabetic foot care and advice

*Please remove any nail polish before attending your appointment*

Medical Pedicures

The most thorough foot treatment you will ever receive – think hygienist for the feet.
The foot health practitioner has the training and skills to identify foot and nail conditions and undertake safe remedial work which are largely overlooked and ignored by a beauty salon.

  • Safe surgical removal of all dead and dry skin, callas & corns.
  • Nails cut, filed, shaped and buffed.
  • Exfoliation & hot towel treatment
  • Relaxing nourishing urea foot cream massaged into the feet
  • Drs Remedy nail rehydration treatment to finish

*Please remove any nail polish before attending your appointment*

Foot Care

Favourite products at The Foot Nook

Gehwol Cream

With natural essential oils, these tried and tested foot creams from Gehwol can make a real difference. There is something for everyone who has troublesome, tired, aching or sore feet.

Gehwol Foot Care Range is suitable for even the most sensitive of feet, and help to retain moisture and improve skin elasticity making feet smooth and supple. With antiseptic properties Gehwol is also suited for those who may suffer from symptoms such as athletes foot.

The Gehwol products are built on thorough research, experience and the use of herbal extracts with the aim to make you feel better.

Suitable for diabetics

Dr's Remedy Hydration Clear Moisturizing Nail Treatment with Pentavitin

Clear coat nail treatment to hydrate and revamp dry, brittle nails.

A natural nail conditioner, infused with Biotin and the carbohydrate complex Pentavitin which contains moisturizing binding capabilities. HYDRATION is also enriched with Whole Wheat Protein and four major vitamins. This clear coat helps moisturize, strengthen, and protect the look of nails. Wear alone as a treatment or as a base coat under your favorite shade.


Dermatonics Creams

The Foot Nook sells Dermatonics creams for dry heels, soothing feet, hard skin and cooling those tired feet

Natural Care Heel Balm contains New Zealand Manuka Honey which hydrates and draws moisture into your skin, making it ideal for people with very dry feet.  It absorbs quickly, with a pleasant scent that appeals to both men and women, giving visible results in just 1 day for most people. This product is suitable for people with diabetes, and is also vegetarian-friendly

Hard Skin Removing Balm is beautifully scented with an appealing sweet blossom aroma – providing a relaxing, pampering experience as well as effective treatment. Moisturising shea butter and hydrating Swedish oat lipids work together to gently remove unsightly hard skin – for smooth and beautiful feet. You will notice visible results in just 24 hours.
Suitable for vegans, vegetarians and people with diabetes.

Natural Care Soothing Foot Cream This foot cream rapidly soothes and relieves itchiness which may be caused by conditions such as athlete’s foot, diabetes, dermatitis or other dry skin conditions. It also simultaneously removes any dry or hard skin, and can simply be used as a moisturiser as well.
Formulated without any perfume, our Natural Care Soothing Foot Cream contains Finnish colloidal oatmeal, and gives noticeable results in just 1 day. Suitable for people with diabetes, and also vegetarian-friendly.

Natural Care Ultra-Cool Foot Gel contains horse-chestnut, arnica, peppermint and New Zealand manuka honey – to rapidly refresh hot, tired and tingling feet, and effectively reduce foot odour. It is suitable for people with diabetes, and is also vegetarian-friendly.