Vitamin B12 Benefits

I often get asked by clients whether they are suitable for a B12 injection and whether they need a blood test before having a B12 shot.

  • B12 is an energy boosting vitamin and carries lots of other benefits including healthier skin & nails, better and deeper sleep, improved focus & memory and maximises your exercise performance.
  • B12 is completely safe, water soluble and used all over the world as a vitamin supplement because our bodies simply don’t absorb enough of what we need.
  • The only people unsuitable for an injection are those aged under 18 years, pregnant women and patients who are currently receiving active treatment for cancer).
  • When you take shop purchased oral vitamins you don’t have a blood test first – the only difference is we are bypassing the gut which is the downfall of oral vitamins.
  • By giving an intramuscular shot, 100% of the 1000mg of B12 is absorbed and gets straight to work giving you all the amazing benefits within days!